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Complete Acoustical Solutions

Acoustical treatments are used to absorb sound reflections so that noise does not reverberate back and forth throughout a room. Soundproofing Los Angeles offers acoustical solutions that add peace and clarity to your room.

Not Just For Studios Anymore

Acoustical treatments are used every day in studios around the world to improve a room's sound quality. But acoustical treatments are also ideal for conference rooms, home theaters and large living areas where sound clarity is important. Soundproofing Los Angeles can help you select the acoustical products that fit your need and style.

Sonex AFS

Soundproofing Los Angeles proudly sells Sonex acoustical foam products. Sonex manufactures acoustical foam in a variety of shapes to absorb sound in a range of frequencies. Shop Soundproofing Los Angeles and select the Sonex products you need to give you a beautiful sounding room.