Total Ceiling Solutions

Ceiling treatments for sound include both soundproofing and
sound absorption. Though ceilings are typically harder to work
with than floors and walls, the rewards can be significant.
Soundproofing Los Angeles sells products that are effective in
absorbing sound reflections and preventing sound from traveling
through ceilings, giving you a quieter, more relaxing environment.

Sonex Ceiling Panels

Soundproofing Los Angeles is proud to feature Sonex Contour
acoustical panels. Acoustical panels absorb sound to prevent
reflections, creating a quieter more relaxing room. Contour
panels can be placed in a ceiling grid or glued onto the ceiling, for
ultimate convenience.

Ceiling Soundproofing Answers

Soundproofing Los Angeles sells a system of solutions for
soundproofing ceilings. Soundproofing can drastically reduce impact
sounds like footsteps from the floor above, as well as airborne noise
such as voices or media audio. From barriers, to clips and channels,
to visco-elastic compounds, Soundproofing Los Angeles has you

Green Glue Ceilings
Green Glue Ceilings
Soundproofing Ceilings Clips
Soundproofing Ceilings Clips