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Expert Solutions For Every Floor

For every type of flooring and subfloor combination there is a way
to apply soundproofing materials to best prevent noise from
travelling through the floor. Soundproofing Los Angeles carries all
the materials that you need to soundproof your specific floor.
We sell underlay and padding at a variety of thicknesses, so you'll
surely find the product that fits your needs.

Reduce Footsteps To A Whisper

Using sound rated padding below carpeted floors can greatly reduce the sound of footsteps and airborne noise from traveling
to the floor below. Soundproofing Los Angeles sells several
excellent padding choices that perform significantly better than
typical carpet padding, to create a peaceful environment in your home.

Quiet Rooms = Peace of Mind

Can I reduce the noise & vibration caused by my washing machine?
Yes by using our Anti-Vibration Pad, this is a 20mm black recycled resilient
rubber pad designed to absorb and reduce point load vibration for use under
washing machines and some gym equipment such as treadmills and rowing

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