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Hanging Baffles
Hanging Baffles
Hanging Baffles
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Hanging Baffles: 

When using absorbing products on the walls is not possible, or you requires a suspended system, we have the right solution. Hanging acoustical baffles from ceilings reduces unwanted sound reverberation by interrupting sound paths. West Coast Sound Solutions can design an effective baffle layout to create a more user friendly facility.

Almost every church has a multi-use facility that doubles as gym, family function, and performing center. These large open facilities are perfect for large gatherings, but they are rarely designed to accommodate functions where sound is amplified, or 100's of people are present and actually want to converse without yelling. School cafeterias are another example of open spaces, with glass, hard floors, and reflective ceilings. When filled with young students, the noise levels can be dangerous at times. The need for affordable, effective and attractive sound absorbers is both a safety benefit and a sanity requirement! We have the solution, we have completed similar projects many times, and we can walk you through the simple process today.

Hanging baffles and banners are a very effective for acoustical treatment in large open rooms. Hanging Acoustical Baffles are designed to be hung horizontally to a ceiling. Very effective sound absorbers that work well to reduce reverberation and increase speech intelligibility