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Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ : !T! 6.4mm , Half Roll 4 ft x 25 ft
Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ : !T! 6.4mm , Half Roll 4 ft x 25 ft
Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ : !T! 6.4mm , Half Roll 4 ft x 25 ft
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Serenity Ultimate Underlay™ : !T! 6.4mm , Half Roll 4 ft x 25 ft
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 Privacy Ultimate Underlay™ is a perfect solution for any floated, glued down or nailed down wood floor. Made from 97% post-consumer recycled rubber, it is not just a "green product," but comes with LEED certification from the US Green Building Council. Our Underlay will allow you the beauty and contemporary look of wood floors throughout your project without sacrificing sound privacy.

 For wood floors Privacy Ultimate Underlay cannot be matched. Our quality underlays are heavy enough to provide High Impact Isolation (IIC) as well as High Sound Transmission Blocking (STC) to effectively block both foot-fall noise, the most common noise issue with hardwood floors, and airborne noise also. Blocking both types of noise ensures the most privacy.

Underlay comes in easy to handle rolls that are 48" wide. For floated wood floors or laminate the product is simply rolled out, the seams are taped, and you install the floated wood floor directly over our product immediately. For glue down floors our product must also be glued down; a very simple process outlined in our installation guide.

1/8" (3.2mm)48" x 25'50 lbs
1/4" (6mm)48" x 25'100 lbs
3/8" (9mm)48" x 25'150 lbs
1/2" (11.5mm)48" x 25'200 lbs

If needed for residential projects we can shorten the rolls and weight. In most cases we ship this product by truck. Delivery to residential addresses is not a problem, we can include a power lift to set the pallets on the ground and you can move the material with a furniture dolly.

Available in thicknesses from 1/8" (3.2mm) thru ½" (11.5mm), we stock the right underlay for your project. While thinner underlays such as 1/8" (3.2mm) are typically appropriate for floating wood floors on concrete and thicker underlays such as ½" (11.5mm) are most often used for nailed down floors, your particular application may have a different solution. Use our suggested applications below as a general guide -- please contact us for assistance with your particular situation.

ConcreteFloated Floors on Concrete (3.2mm)Our thinnest underlay (1/8" or 3.2mm) is a first choice for soundproofing floated floors on concrete. Buildings constructed from concrete generally do not need a heavy product to correct footstep noise. Our Privacy Ultimate Underlay™ in 1/8" thickness is just right for these projects.
Lightweight ConcreteFloated Floors on Lightweight Concrete (6mm)A mid-level thickness of underlay, our 1/4" (6mm) Privacy Ultimate Underlay™ is good choice for floated floors on lightweight concrete. In situations where the floor is already somewhat heavy, the ability to block airborne noise from up and down is greatly improved. When installing a wood floor over the lightweight concrete use a 1/8" underlay to provide reasonable footstep improve, and 1/4" underlay for the best outcome.
Woodframe ConstructionFloated Floors Woodframe Construction (9mm)Noise passing through a simple woodframe floor can be a challenge to block and requires a substantial underlay to achieve desired results. Our 3/8" (9mm) Privacy Ultimate Underlay™ makes an excellent choice for soundproofing floated floors on a woodframe.

Privacy Ultimate Underlay for Glued Down Wood Floors is simple to install and requires no outside assistance. Please checkout our manual guide for guidance: 

For more details on Privacy Ultimate Underlay for Glued Down Wood Floors please reference our appropriate downloads below: