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Super Pad
Super Pad
Super Pad
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Super Pad Carpet Underlay

Super Pad carpet underlay provides excellent sound blocking while giving your carpet a plush and luxurious feel. Add comfort to your home as you reduce sound propagation through your floors and provide a more comfortable environment. Super Pad provides 1lb of mass per square foot to block sound from penetrating through floors.

Super Pad comes in rolls of 4.5 ft. by 24 ft. for a total of 108 square feet per roll.

 Privacy Ultimate Underlay is available in four thicknesses 3.2mm, 6.4mm, 9mm and 11.5mm. When additional low frequency noise blocking is required we suggest the 11.5mm thickness which will add 28% more mass and insure that heavy bass noise will be significantly defeated. 
Frequency (Hz)125250500100020004000STC
Performance Carpet Underlay16172329343727
Ultimate Carpet Underlay17212533384332
Premium Carpet Underlay19222734384332
Type:Privacy Ultimate Carpet Underlay
  • Proven and Reliable Reduction for footsteps and airborne noise
  • Made in the USA from 93% Post Consumer Recycled Rubber
  • Remarkable peace and quiet from only one product
Thickness:9mm (.354")
11.5mm (.453")
Weight:9mm (1.5 lb per sq/ft)
11.5mm (2 lb per sq/ft)
Roll Size:4.5' x 25' (100 sq. ft.)


Installing Super Pad requires no outside assistance and can be completed with the help of our installation manual located below:

Installation Manual

For more about Super Pad details please reference our appropriate PDF's:

Installation Manual
Transmission Loss Tests