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UltraTouch : 8 BATTS ,15" x 93" x 3.5" ,77.52sqft
UltraTouch : 8 BATTS ,15" x 93" x 3.5" ,77.52sqft
SKU: 50-R13-15
UltraTouch : 8 BATTS ,15" x 93" x 3.5" ,77.52sqft
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UltraTouch Cotton Insulation R13

 cotton insulation is constructed from 80% recycled high-quality natural fibers. Denim fibers are far more denser than fiberglass which increases the sound absorption by 30%-50%. UltraTouch can be used in exterior and interior walls and comes in R ratings from 13-30.
UltraTouch greatly reduces air born noise transmission from the low end frequencies to the high end frequencies. Whether the noise is footsteps, voices, traffic or electronic devices. Ultra Touch uses a 3D infrastructure that traps and isolates sound waves creating a comfortable environment between rooms, walls, and ceilings.
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