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UltraTouch:8 BATTS, 23'X93"X3.5" ,126.63sqft
UltraTouch:8 BATTS, 23'X93"X3.5" ,126.63sqft

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UltraTouch:8 BATTS, 23'X93"X3.5" ,126.63sqft
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UltraTouch cotton insulation is constructed from 80% recycled high-quality natural fibers. Denim fibers are far more denser than fiberglass which increases the sound absorption by 30%-50%. UltraTouch can be used in exterior and interior walls and comes in R ratings from 13-30.
UltraTouch greatly reduces air born noise transmission from the low end frequencies to the high end frequencies. Whether the noise is footsteps, voices, traffic or electronic devices. Ultra Touch uses a 3D infrastructure that traps and isolates sound waves creating a comfortable environment between rooms, walls, and ceilings.
  • UltraTouch is purposely over shaped to fill all spaces to capacity.
  • Available in thermal resistances R13 R19 R30
  • Ultratouch is uses a patent process which treats every fiber with a boron-based fire retardant which not only is a fire retardant but a fungus and mold deterrent as well.
  • Effectively reduces noise from traffic, airplanes, radios, televisions, conversation, and footsteps.
  • Zero chemical irratants that require warning labels
  • No harmful airborne particles
  • 100% recyclable
  • Composed of 80% recycled materials 


How to use:
UltraTouch insulation can be used in walls, floors, crawl spaces and ceilings. Right out of the bag it is designed to fit standard sized 15-16 inch joist bays . It is constructed slightly wider than standard insulation so it holds in place with friction filling in all gaps. The Insulation also comes perforated so it is easy to work with because it is split by hand to fit into joist bays that are smaller than the standard size. There is also no need to use gloves with Ultra Touch Denim Insulation because it does not contain fiberglass or other harmful irritants so there is no itch.

Installation Guide

Step 1
Roll out the insulation and separate it into appropriate pieces to fit the joist bays evenly. The pieces should split into sections that are slightly wider than the joist bay.

Step 2
Push the insulation firmly into the joist bays until all spaces are filled with UltraTouch. The insulation stays in place using friction to hold it in place.

Step 3
For spaces that are smaller than the standard joist bays separate the insulation along the perforations and push it into the joist bay. If a space does not fit with either a full piece or split piece UltraTouch is best cut with a hand held grinding tool.


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